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I think when it comes to work everyone has that one moment in there careers that they think of changing it all up and going for something new. That's what happened to me and instead of pushing it to one side and focusing on my retail career path I did something about it by going for it and applying for new jobs. I wanted to focus on travel as this is my main interested in life so I opted to apply for a job as a currency adviser, still retail based but going more into travel - well that's what I thought.

When I got the job I was over the moon it felt like all my stressed where over and it was something to look forward to. I started my training and was going well, with support from others and a different pace then working in retail I was starting to feel happy. I looked forward to going to work and focusing on my training made me feel like I was accomplishing new things each day and this gave me such a thrill.

Once my training was done all 3 months off it I was placed in a store and I could go and focus on working, this is where it all went downhill. All my past worries and woes come forward and it was just like working back in retail, only the job was so much more detailed and I had so much to do that I started to get stressed all over again. It was like all my hard work was falling apart in front of me and I could do nothing to stop it.

After a lot of thinking and worrying I opted to leave the company and go back into retail, and believe it or not I actually missed working in a store and not a counter. I felt happy again and my job felt like it was right for me, I learnt that I just needed a break and not a change in career. This was a tough life choice and a life lesson I'm happy to have as I've grown from it and can now fully focus on my career path that is right for me.

Have you picked a career that's right for you yet?

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