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Accessorize in my go to shop for quirky and all things cute from purses to bags and even clothing they have a great range of products for anyone that needs a little lift in life. They even do a pre teens range that is great for anyone wanting fashionable items to show off to friends. I normally go in for there jewelry items but a purse caught my eye and I needed a new one so went for it and picked up this No Drama Llama purse for just £12.

It's very quirky and fun which is perfect for anyone needing some happiness in there life, it's small enough so it fits nicely into my bag but is large enough to hold everything I need. It can fit 8 cards in, notes and also has a coin section so it's an all round great purse to have.

It also has some added extras such as this really unique and fun rainbow zip with glittery detailing as well as a super fun spotty back to it. I love using this purse and it's practical but super fun, it holds everything I need and also looks good which is everything I look for it a purse.

What purse brightens up your day when you're out and about?

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