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Makeup Revolution is the perfect high street make up brand to go for if you want affordable and cruelty free make up items. I find them really affordable with prices from as little as £1 to £15 there great for all skin shades and work well so you know you're going to get affordable products that are right for you, Available in Superdrug and online.

I picked up one of there new best sellers and that was the stick foundation, I've used this type of foundation a lot when I wasn't cruelty free so I was happy to finally see one in a brand I can shop with. The price at just £5 is extremely affordable and for what the products does it's worth that price tag, most other brands have a price tag of £10.

I went for the shade F3 which is suitable for people who are fair skined with a pink undertone, it's a twist up stick that comes in a nude coloured tube which is a little basic however you get a rose gold detailing on the inside which transfers outside within the writing and small band around the middle.

Using the product was simple enough you swipe and blend and you're good to go, it's really quite an easy way to wear foundation. I blend out with my fingers as this gives me the option to create a thickness I want on my skin but I then blend with a sponge after to make sure I'm fully blended. This is a heavy and thick foundation as are most stick foundations, the pan stick was created for tv usage hence why it's so thick. I found it easy to blend and with a setting powder on top it creates a very nice heavy full coverage foundation look.

I wear my stick foundation for events or days when I need a full coverage look, this isn't an everyday foundation. I find it lasts me all day and with the setting powder it doesn't go patchy or oily at all, I can put this foundation on and not have to worry about needing to re apply my foundation throughout the day.

I love using this Stick Foundation and I'd happily re purchase, what stick foundation do you reach for?

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