Skincare | Superdrug Refreshing Face Scrub

When it comes to skincare I like to keep it simple and cruelty free, so I tend to stick to Superdrug's skincare range as I know they will always provide me with what I want. I was browsing there clearance section and came across a facial scrub for 30p, as it was apart of there own range I knew it would be what I needed so I purchased it and was not let down.

It doesn't really have a strong scent to it which I don't mind as I have sensitive skin and the product comes out as you would hope a scrub would it's white and has little bits in to scrub at the skin. I used a small penny sized amount each morning in the shower to wash my face and was really impressed with how well it worked.

I found it scrubbed at my skin in a soft way and wasn't to harsh but it also left me feeling hydrated and my skin looking fresh. When it comes to washing the product off I did with no difficultly and wasn't left with the feeling off the product still on my skin and I also found it brighten my face with is a must for any facial scrub.

The only downside is off course it was from the clearance section and is no longer available to purchase however Superdrug have a great section of products that I'm sure I'll find a replacement in no time, what facial scrub do you use?

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