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I've suffered throughout my teens and into my adult life with a serious case of depression, this has come in waves that like to hit me when I least expect it causing me to spiral into a downwards path and out of control. I have several ways I like to keep happy and try to attempt these things before I get to bad and for today's post I wanted to share how I like to stay happy.

One of my go to's is to talk about what in life I'm having issues with, this tends to be with a family member or someone I trust. I find opening up tends to put me in a happy place due to getting the worries off my chest and out into the open. Hopefully the person you trust will be able to offer guidance and help whilst keeping you in mind and not doing anything to hurt you.

Getting my mind off of things is my second attempted at staying happy, I like to read a book and get engrossed in someone else's drama and that way it takes my mind off the fact I'm having my own issues. If I'm not up to reading I tend to stick on a boxset to get lost in there lives or listen to some music to distract myself from whatever it is that is bothering me.

Another great way to keep myself happy is to go outside if I'm feeling up for it a walk around the block to clear my mind or to even think things through works well. If not then I tend to sit in my garden for a bit and just breath in the fresh air, this is a great way to focus on your breathing and to keep things calm. Listen to the sounds of wildlife and things around you, try to take in some smells of freshly cut grass or some flowers.

Lastly I tend to keep any negativity out of my life, if someone is bringing me down then I cut them out of my life, if a certain place gives me anxiety then I won't go or if a certain situation makes me feel depressed then I won't try to experience it. You are suppose to face your demons and be brave however in certain situations and times it's best to sometimes just cut it out of your life.

Hopefully this post has been helpful but if you need to chat you can always tweet me @jessbarnes.

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