Fashion | This Bag Is Out Of This World

I'm all one for quirky and fun bags and sometimes I have impulse buys and end up walking out of a shop with a bag that's impractical but really fun. In the Accessorize sale I ending up buying a small bag that caught my eye and only for £12.50 it was a complete bargain, have I managed to use it yet well no but it looks good.

With a space theme it's very fun and cute it has a 3d effect with everything on the bag standing out, with the quirky and fun handle of a gold chain and snakeskin effect it's very much a look at me bag. I love how the detailing speaks for itself and it's a very out there bag but still easy to wear as it's not to bright and bold which I really love.

I found the inside which has a little zip up compartment is very small, if I place my phone in there or camera then I can't really put anything else in there. It's much more of a going out bag to an event where I don't need much but I could still get away with wearing it out shopping if I need to.

Do you have any fun bags that are very impractical?


  1. That bag looks so awesome & funky!