Fashion | Black and White Strip Sliders

I'm not one to be super trendy but there's certain trends I need to jump on and one of them was sliders, I have seen them everywhere but didn't think I could pull them off that was until I caved in Primark and walked away with a pair for just £4. They are very basic yet perfect for anyone needing a trendy look for this S/S.

The monochrome look is one that won't go out of fashion as it's an effortless look that doesn't need much planning or work. I opted for a strip look as I knew it was one I would wear the most. Most of my clothes are black and neutral so opting for a black and white look was something I knew I would be happy with.

They feel almost like they should be to hard on the feet and uncomfy however they have grooves in that shape around the feet adding support rather then feeling to hard. I found them to be supportive and easy to wear whilst looking good on and not rubbing anywhere unlike most sandals I've had in the past.

I wear mine with most plain outfits as prints with look to bold against them but I also team them with other stripes as they go really well with a plain pair of black skinnies rolled up and a striped black and white tee. But there very easy to wear so I've hit the jackpot and found my perfect summer shoes.

What sliders do you have and what do you wear them with?


  1. I personally can't wear sliders as I don't like showing my toes LOL, but I know my mum would love these! 🌸✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x


    1. There very comfy, I'm the same I wear bright nail varnish and hope for the best! x