Book Review | The Wonder by Emma Donoghue

The book has to be one of the quickest I've read in a long time, it was one I couldn't put down as I needed to know the ending ASAP. It has such a tragic twist at the end but just as you feel like it's coming to an end there's a biggest twist that will leave you beaming with happiness. With a mix of love, detest, mystery and religion this book is one that anyone can read and get a really buzz from, it's it family drama in the worst way possible that you want then I urge you to buy this book.

You get introduced to a lot of characters but with the style of writing Emma has it's easy to get to know them as she gives you enough information that you get a style as to what each character is about. You also get a sense of how the story is going to play out right from the start as it's so easy to pick up on each characters emotion that it's a really easy book to follow.

The plot thickens and more of the story is unfolded to create a story line that you really wasn't excepting, once you know the true story line it was clear how the book was suppose to be writing, it's almost like a little bell moment goes off and you have a clear understanding for this book. There is some great life lessons to learn and even though it's main focus was religion it was easy to follow this book without being Catholic or Christian.

I loved this book and can see myself reading it later on to go over any points I miss the first time round, if you're after a crime mystery book then this one is for you!

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