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I made the decision to go cruelty free around 6 months ago now and have felt good every since I made the choice, for me it just felt normal to not harm animals anymore so going cruelty free was a good choice. I understand why people don't as it took me a while to find products that actually worked well for me and looked good but now I have my make up sorted I wanted to share an updated what's in my make up case for you.

To start my routine I use my moisturiser by Superdrug which is the naturally radiant brightening day cream, this is brilliant if you want a nice scented easy to wear day cream. It soaks in well and looks good on the skin making it seem brighter and clearer but also allows my makeup so go on top well not caking or looking to heavy. For my foundation I go in with the Body Care matte clay skin clarifying foundation which is my holy grail product that I just adore, it looks amazing on the skin and works so well at being a high courage yet wearable foundation, it has witch hazel in for clearing spots but also has a lovely matte coverage effect. If I need to cover any spots or refresh under my eyes I use the cream concealer my Make Up Revolution as this is really easy to blend and sits well on top of my foundation.

Contouring is my favourite thing to do and I have three products that are my go to's first is my NYX powder blush this is a lovely highly pigmented blusher that looks lovely on with added bits of shimmer. I then add my Make Up Revolution Strobe Highlighter that looks amazing on it's highly pigmented and really makes my face stand out. Lastly I go in with my Natural Collection bronzing powder in the shade Golden Glow this adds an impression contour to the face that looks great on and lasts all day.

The last two steps are focused on my eyebrows and my eyes, I use my mini Sleek I'm Conditional Mascara that looks really nice on adding just a subtle amount of black to really make the eyes look pretty without having a heavy mascara look. I then use my Eylure Brow Magician crayon and tinted fixer to set my brows which looks great on and lasts all day, that is my make up done!

This make up look is the perfect everyday look to go for and I love how well all the products go together to create such a pretty look, what cruelty free make up brand do you love?

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