Beauty | Faith In Nature Shampoo Review

One of my biggest struggles going cruelty free was trying to find a shampoo that didn't harm my scalp, as I have a dry skin condition this has been one of my biggest struggles even when I wasn't cruelty free. However it was suggested to me that I try out the Faith Shampoo from Holland and Barrett, for just £5.50 I picked up a bottle of there fragrance free shampoo.

The scent is basically as it's says fragrance free, there is just no scent to this shampoo. This was odd for me at first as I'm use to shampoo smelling of something but this was just not the case with this shampoo, it does mean however anything I use of my head after my shower such as my protection spray it smells like that instead of a shampoo.

I found using a little of this product works well and I don't need to lather up to much for it to clean my hair, I also noticed I didn't need to wash my hair daily even with a fringe I can go a day without washing my hair which has impressed me a lot. I even managed the other week to go three days by using a dry shampoo which I've never had with other shampoos before.

I can't fault this shampoo and will happily continue to purchase it, what shampoo do you reach for?

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