Beauty | Colour Correcting Palette Maybelline

At first when I used this product I wasn't overly impressed with how it worked and how I was suppose to use it but after some research and searching some online tutorials I managed to get to grips with the colour correcting palette from Maybelline. Maybelline are a great affordable high street brand that have some great products, for just £2 I managed to get my palette in the sale.

My first thought was do I really want to apply green to my spots and any red areas on my face but was shocked to see how well it covered them. It has a really nice creamy finish and sits well on the face, applying my foundation on top was easy enough and it did cover the green colour. I noticed it worked really well at covering my blemishes and it worked all day so I didn't need to re apply any make up throughout the day.

Up next was the concealer which I placed over any dark areas or any areas that were uneven skin tone, again it went on well and sat nicely on the skin whilst allowing me to place my make up on top. I found it worked well to create an even and matching skin tone, I mixed the two shades together and they worked really well. Using it under my eyes was my main focus and I can happily say it worked really nicely.

The last step was the highlighter I found they went on well however I wasn't keen on the shades and lack of shimmer to I opted to not use the highlighter in the palette. It is however good for a basic day of barely any makeup so I will happily use it for a more basic make up look or if I'm travelling. I applied the highlighter to my cheekbones, nose and also my cupids bow and it created a nice look just not one I would wear daily.

I would happily purchase this product again if I saw it on offer however the retail price of £11.99 is not something I would spend on a colour correcting palette. Do you own a colour correct palette, what did you think of it?


  1. I love a colour correcting palette!! But I'm with you, until a few months ago I was the same with the bright colours haha, they're SO good though.
    I use one by Skinn Cosmetics - it's on my blog somewhere too and it looks SO bright at first glance, it's scary!
    Gillian xx

    1. Glad I'm not the only one who was worried to try it at first! I'll have a look at the Skinn Cosmetics one though always looking to add new makeup to my collection x

  2. This palette look so gorgeous!! Really need to get my hands on it

    Ellie xx