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Spring is my second favourite season after Autumn and when it comes to welcoming it I'm first to get excited, the days start to get longer and the air starts to get fresher but it stills holds some of the winter weather with the frequent showers it decides to spring on us at any moment during the day.

Fashion in Spring time is very cute and chic, with people still wearing there boots but styling them with a denim jacket instead of a winter coat, people start to wear brighter outfits and there's a buzz in the air from the bees and also about what fashion trends summer has to offer. Some people branch out early and start to wear the hottest trends for summer in the middle of spring but get to chilly at night when the weather drops.

When it comes to makeup everyone suddenly starts to wear little and basic, with roses growing quick in the gardens and also finding there way into our handbags in the form of the latest rose lipstick. With hues of pink on out lips and cheeks that seems to splash down and into our outfits as well, make up tends to make everyone look bright eyed much to the joy of the sun that rises early and goes to bed late.

So here I am happy and welcoming Spring much to everyone else delight as they feel the heaviness of Winter go for another year, here's to new flowers and welcoming wildlife, to the pinks and denim jackets that are finally been worn again and also here's to the rain showers that are going to catch everyone by surprise, welcome Spring!

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