Lifestyle | Diet Update

It's been a while since I did a diet update but I wanted to do an update and let everyone know how I'm getting on. I started a strict and much more control diet in January and wanted to share what I'm doing and also do around every 1 month an update. I'm not doing weekly updates as I find them to be quite similar with not much changing so it will be for now every month.

My food intake is very strict and I'm limited to 1200 calories a day, this was my Dr's doing so I have asked for medical advice. I have found and created a great healthy diet that I enjoy and can switch up when needed :

Breakfast - Glass of water, bowl of 0% fat Greek style yogurt with granola and berries
Lunch - Slim fast shake with a small handful of fruit
Dinner - A homecooked meal 500 calories, small glass of juice
Snack - plain popcorn, fruit, vegetables, small amount of chocolate, quavers, water

I am tracking on MyFitnessPal as this is the easiest way to see my calories intake and to also see where I'm going wrong. I can track all the information I need on there and it's a great place to look back and see how well I'm doing.

Workout's are very important to a diet regime and it's one that I've thought hard about, after trying to many different styles of workout's I've put together a plan that I feel works best for me and that's HIIT workouts. I do them 3-4 times a week and follow plans online through YouTube, this is a great way to get proper advice and to seek fitness from professionals. I started my workouts after the first month as I wanted my body to adjust to my change in food first then to pick up on the exercise once I was ready.

The first month of January after switching my food around I lost 4 pounds this is due to falling of the bandwagon a handful of times and also having around 4 days of eating junk. 

For February I've lost another 4 pounds which I'm happy about and have confirmed with my Dr that this is a good amount to lose. At the end of March I am feeling lighter and my clothes are loose so I can tell I've defiantly lost some more weight!

Have you started a healthy fitness plan for 2018? how are you getting on?


  1. I done Slimming World for a year and a half and got to my ideal weight and loved it! So happy for you in your diet plans babe and wishing you so much love, joy and luck with it all 🌸✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x


    1. Thank you! I've heard all good things about Slimming World so may be joining soon! x