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I'm super picky when it comes to using body lotion and hate trying new ones due to never finding the right one or my skin having a massive flair up of eczema. So I opted to try the Lush Dream Cream as a lot of people had told me it was great for dry skin conditions and also works well at keeping the skin looking good.

I went for the 240g pot at £13.95 as I placed a small amount onto my skin before mooching around the shop, I was convinced in that small 10 minute browse it was good enough to buy a bigger pot than the smaller sized one. The lotion is a hand and body one so it's a all round great product to have, I'm going to on my next purchase get one for my bag a smaller pot and a bigger pot for at home.

The only downside it the scent of the product as it's oat based and it's not my go to scent but as it's one to soothe the skin I can't complain to much. The lotion feels thick and goes onto the skin really thick as well however after around 5 minutes to my disbelief it had sunk it completely into the skin, this is unusual for such a thick lotion.

It worked really well on my skin and I can finally use a product without going super itchy, it left me feeling soft and nourished but also really soothed as well. I can't seem to fault this product apart from the scent but that is overlooked by how well it works.

What body lotion do you adore?

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