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One of my new year resolutions is to read more and being someone who can take up to 6 months to read one book I've got together a realistic book list of books that I should be able to read in 12 months. I've only picked out 4 books which is doubling what I normally read and once I've read one I'll be doing a review on my blog!

Up first is a book called 'Basic Witches' this is for my religion as I'm Pagan I wanted a book to do some more research on my religion but to also spark some ideas and inspiration. This book was suggested to me from a friend and I picked it up a while ago, it looks pretty good and the illustrations are impressive to.

I've also got a crime book from one of my go to crime writers Chris Pavone called 'The Travelers' , I love a good crime book and really enjoy all off the other books from Chris Pavone so I'm really excited to read this one and see if it's just as good as the others. It has everything you need in a crime book a little bit of travel, some love and of course some crime!

Next I have a book that was gifted to me for my 26th birthday and it's called 'The Wonder' by Emma Donoghue, this book has some lovely illustrations and looks really impressive, the book is a mix of Gothic drama and crime with hints of thriller so it's right up my street and I can't wait to get reading.

Lastly is a book that I'm sure most people know and it's called 'The Girls' by Emma Cline, it's based on the Charles Manson cult which is why I'm looking forward to reading it as I have an interest in cult leaders and Charles Manson is one of my favourites. I'm saving the best till last so this will be last to get read and hopefully it will encourage me to read the others!

What is on your 2018 book list?

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