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I'm not beauty expert but when it comes to liquid matte lipsticks I know some good and helpful little tips to help out anyone who is nervous or seems to go wrong when using one. I found them rather intimating at first due to people saying they dry the lips out, or I would use one and get in a mess so it has taken me a while to get to grips with liquid matte lipsticks but I wanted to share some tips with you today.

I always start by using a lip balm to keep my lips from drying out, the one I use is the Blistex lip balm as this one works really well at keeping lips from cracking and it has a lovely tingling feeling when applying. I also always line my lips with a lip liner due to the lipstick smudging so place on a balm and line the lips before applying any liquid lipstick.

When it comes to applying the lipsticks I find it best to use a brush rather then the lipstick wand as you want only a small amount to go onto the lips. Liquid lipsticks are all high in pigmentation so you don't need a large amount, use the brush to apply the lipstick then wait a few moments for it to dry, so keep your mouth open to stop them sticking together and do not rub your lips together as this will smudge.

So once you set and good to go your lips should look pretty good however things happen and sometimes you need to reapply. You may have a large lunch or smudge my mistake and this can be very annoying, my only tip for this is to start over from a fresh, take some handy travel sized make up remover wipes and take the full lipstick off and then start over from the start. This may seem a chore and be annoying however layering liquid lipsticks will look tacky and you will have to much liquid lipstick on!

So those of my tips and tricks on wearing liquid lipstick, this is just what I've learnt and I'm sure there's loads more, let me know how you wear liquid lipsticks in the comments below.

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