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I've been using the same brand to buy makeup brushes from for a while now almost 3 years so I decided to branch out and have a look at other brands, I spotted Studio London in my local Superdrug and picked up a set of four brushes in there sale for £1.99 which is a massive bargain considering they are around £10-£12 normally.

I was looking for high quality brushes due to the high price tag out of sale, I was not let down and was really blown away with how good the brushes work. They all have great qualities to them and work well to create the perfect makeup look, I found them easy to use and am always happy with the finished results.

The flat foundation brush with has a rose gold handle works well to create a flawless look without having brush marks all over my face. It picks up the foundation well and also doesn't soak it up but doesn't dump the foundation in one swipe, it manages to evenly spread foundation over the skin whilst looking impressive with the rose gold handle.

The contour brush with gold handle is my most loved brush out of the whole set due to how well it places bronzer onto my skin, it has a handy slanted effect making applying contour very easy. It picks the powder up and spreads it evenly onto the skin but buffs it in as well leaving my contour looking fab.

The powder brush is one I use to place highlight onto my face as I don't use setting powder, it has a large fluffy head and a nice brass looking handle. I found the highlight went nicely on the brush and lightly placed itself onto my cheeks, I found the brush really easy to use and creating a highlight look without going to OTT.

Lastly is the eye shadow brush this is one that I use to create detailed looks as it's quite a hard brush almost ideal for placing liquid eyeliner on, it also has a nice silver looking handle so blends into the brushes really well. It's a nice little brush to have it didn't blow me away but still works really well.

What are your go to brushes that you can't live without?

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