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Priced at £14 this five piece contour set is one that I've been reaching for over the last few weeks, it's a perfect travelling set and always great to have in my bag for on the go touch ups. I was really impressed with how much I got for the price I paid and would happily purchase it again.

You get a set of three cream based contours a lovely pink toned blusher, a yellow toned highlighter and a dark deep bronzer. These are very easy to blend into the skin and have a really easy to build coverage, I used a gel sponge and my fingers and both worked really well to apply the creams to my face. 

In the set is a primer which I've heard about before but never managed to find it at a good price, of course it's the One Heck Of A Blot primer. With shine-bloc, Matte spheres and Pore-shrink it's the perfect little primer to go for. It comes out white but goes on clear and has a gel like texture to it, I found it very soothing and loved how it felt on the skin, it also made a really big difference to my skin and makeup which impressed me a lot.

Lastly is the One Heck Of A Blot Mattifying Powder which is a lovely warm based powder that goes on over the top of the makeup look to help keep it matte looking. I found it worked really well and didn't cake which I did worry over as it was going mostly over cream products, it worked well at keeping my face matte as well and didn't fade during the day.

I adore this contour set and love how it looks on the skin, what's your favourite contour product?

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