Skincare | Iroha Peel-Off Detox Mask

I'm a lover of a new face mask so when I was gifted one for Christmas I was overjoyed, it's from a brand I'm new to called Iroha I did some online research and couldn't see much about them as there website is very vague however they sell a range of unique masks and strips for the face and it states nature so I'm guessing it's all naturally pure ingredients!

It comes in a handy slimfit pouch which is ideal for travelling, it's a handy one use 18g product that has a really easy simple snap opening which you can then squeeze the product out onto the skin. It went on nicely and was easy to use, spreading onto the skin was really easy and it sat really well on my face. It was calming and a felt nice, as well as not having to much of an over powerful strong scent, after just 20 minutes I needed to remove the product which again was easy to do!

I peeled it off with not difficulties and my skin felt amazing, it has removed all my dead skin and blackheads without any damage and also left my skin feeling super soft and cleansed. I really loved using the mask and would happily pick another one up if I ever see them on offer.

What's your go to face mask for a pamper night?

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