Lifestyle | Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

2017 for me was all about me, this sounds awful as I was very selfish and only did things I wanted to do. I also had one of the best years I could think of with travelling more, seeing bands and going to events. So even though I say I was selfish and only did things I wanted I still saw the hardship and hurt that 2017 was.

I achieved lots with weight loss, my blog hitting a milestone and also going to LA which I hadn't even thought about doing until I was booking. With lots of highs though came some very horrid lows, some major ones where in the world but also within myself, my health was low and my depression was fighting me so hard but I'm still here.

So for 2018 I wanted to be more helpful, which is a massive change since last years resolution. I'm not financially able to give to charity however I can fill a charity bag up with unworn clothing, I can go give blood each month, I can donate my time to helping out if people are in need. This is what 2018 for me will be about if I see someone in need I'm going to try and help them.

Of course I also have the same resolutions as most years I need to lose more weight (sips Slimfast shake), I want to read more and I already have a stack of books ready to go, I want to be more creative with my makeup as this year I discovered and really worked with highlight so now I'm going to work on eye makeup.

So even though 2017 wasn't the best year there is still some sunshine shining through the dark and dreadful clouds. What are your goals for 2018?

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