Book Review | Stephen King - The Bazaar Of Bad Dreams

It's no secret I'm a massive fan of Stephen King novels and as I've just finished The Bazaar Of Bad Dreams I thought it was only far to do a little review. I picked the book up for $8.99 when I was in America but in the UK it is priced at £8.99! The only difference is the book covers for some reason America and Europe get a really lovely detailed covered with an image that shows an impressive artwork of butterflies and an eerie figure, the UK has a white cover with the tittle in a rainbow effect with butterflies on.

The book is a series of mini stories that are all twisted in the typical Stephen King fashion, there is a total of 21 short stories and all range from humour to horror which I really love. There is a story for everyone in this book and I love how you can be captured by a short story in the same way a 300 page book will keep you wanting more. Stephen King has the ability to really keep you page turning the whole way through the book which is very impressive for someone who writes so many books.

I was worried there would be a repeat feeling for the book and all the stories would sound alike however they all have there own meaning making them all different and nothing like another story. Saying that you do still get connections throughout the book like the same town which is much alike all of Stephen Kings novels, they make it that bit more personal which I really love.

Have you picked up and read any good books lately?

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