Beauty | Kiko Milano Mini Lipstick

I'm a sucker for mini products and could not leave my local Kiko Milano store without one of there mini lipsticks. For just £2.50 it's the perfect lipstick to take when travelling or for an event when you don't have a large bag, there is a great selection of ones to pick from but I picked up Rosy Hibiscus.

It's a really lovely deep red tone which looks very festive yet quite sophisticated, it's a lipstick that is very versatile and can go with most events. It has a semi matte effect making it easy to wear if you have dry lips as it doesn't dry them out as much as a normal matte lipstick, I found it still had that look but felt more nourishing on the lips.

I found it has the perfect long lasting effect and doesn't smudge or budge with drinks or food which is perfect, the only downside it did take a good scrub to get off the lips but with a good cleanser it shouldn't be an issue.

I love using the mini lipsticks and would love the whole collection, have you tried them yet?

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