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The Body Shop make up is perfect for anyone looking for good quality high street make up that is affordable and works well. With it being cruelty free it's my first stop for when I'm looking for any new products, I went in to look for a new foundation and after speaking to a shop worker I left with the Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation for just £10.

It's come in a basic 30ml tube that is simple yet stylish, it shows you how much product is left and also is a squeezable tube making it easy to get the product out to use. I went for the shade Peruvian Lily 010 which is the lightest shade in the bunch it matches my pale skin tone very well which impressed me a lot, there is 10 shades to pick from so hopefully there is a match for all skin tones.

The one aspect I loved about this product is it has added tea tree oil to combat any breakouts which I need, it's also full coverage but still lightweight and breathable however is doesn't let sweat or water go through the foundation even though it's breathable. If you're looking for a vegan foundation as well this is another thing it's ticks, overall I'm highly impressed with how much this foundation does for the price you pay.

I applied the foundation several ways to see which worked best and for me using my fingers to blend it in to my skin worked the best for me, I found a sponge seemed to absorb the product and a brush didn't blend it in very well as it's quite a thick foundation. After applying it to my face using my fingers I noticed right away how full the coverage was as it covered all my blemishes, dark circles and even my spot scarring.

I left it on for the whole day and even went to work and it stayed put all day without going patchy or looking oily which impressed me a lot. Added make up on top such as creams and powders was really easy as it blended on well without spoiling the foundation, it also adapts well to combination skin types which really impressed me.

So far I've been using the foundation for a month and will be 100% repurchasing, what's your go to everyday foundation?

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