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Nowadays it's always a bit of a mixed bag of emotions when it comes to celebrities, some people enjoy being a silent viewer watching there lives and careers grow from the comfort of there home and other prefer to be a little more vocal and attempt to see there favorite celebrity at all costs. But maybe we should be looking into why it's become so easy to 'stalk' and prey on celebrities and to also look into ways on how would could control how easy it is to do this.

One of the easiest ways to see how your favorite celebrity is doing is by checking there social media, this way you get to see what there up to and also where they are. But is this safe? of course not it takes one photo of a celebrity in a restaurant with the tag #favoriterestaurant for it to become the prime spot for any celeb watcher. Fans get judged and treated badly for going to areas in which they know there favorite celebrity is but have you ever asked yourself why they know there location in the first place.

We are seeing more and more internet celebrities emerging into the showbiz world and of course camera in hand they will vlog all of there lives and also there familiar surroundings such as there home or where they like to shop. Of course anyone watching online can do a basic search and find the location of that persons street they only need a 'gym around the corner' to be able to get a basic location for there favorite internet star. So instead of asking how fans think it's acceptable to know the location of there favorite Youtubers house ask your self why they know there location in the first place.

I think with it being 2017 we are in a situation where it's very easy to access information which can put people in very dangerous situations, all you need to do is pick up a magazine or read an online article and you have information on people who then moan about being harassed in the streets for photos. I also think that it's become the norm to now ask someone for a picture when 40 years ago it wasn't a trend but it's almost like collecting Pokemon you have as they say gotta catch them all.

Does this make it acceptable to ask a stranger for a photo though? I think personally there is a time and a place, such as an event or a signing maybe a convention. When you spot someone walking the streets in normal clothes or with family ask yourself is it acceptable to stop them and ask for a picture or tell them how much you adore them? I think most people need to put themselves in others shoes before acting on a situation which may seem normal but may feel odd for others.

Today's post in one to get everyone thinking it's to get fans thinking about weather or not it is okay to follow there favorite celebrities about but it's also to get though in the spotlight thinking about what they share on social media and how it can impact there lives. In not a post to bash anyone or to annoy but on to get people thinking and also hopefully to see some results in saver sharing online, think before you post you never know who is looking.

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