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I had a complete I didn't even know they made those moment the other day when I came across some Models Own Makeup wipes, I found them in my local TKMaxx for £2 so naturally picked them up to try. I've had a look online and pretty sure they have stopped making these now as I can't seem to find them online, however TKMaxx may have some more in stock.

Models Own is a beauty brand that do some great nail varnishes and also make up as well, they have some great brushes and also some amazing make up cases. There also cruelty free which is perfect for me, they also have great bright eye catching products. Such as the wipes which come in a teal colour metallic package with a simple snap back plastic opening that is resealable, it's bright and edgy whilst drawing you in and making you want to buy the product.

The wipes are a great size and once removed have loads of tiny little beads on which are pink, it's a very girly and bold product that makes a statement which I think is very fun. The beads works to really remove any make up and exfoliate the skin gently to really leave you feeling cleansed and clean. I love how they remove all my make up and do it in a way that's simple and easy. so far my skin is looking brighter and much more youthful which is great.

I've had no troubles so far as they have no fragrance or parabens and also contain chamomile oil to really soften the skin. I love using these wipes and just wished I had found them earlier in stores. What makeup wipes do you love and adore?

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