Lush | Yellow Submarine Bath Bomb

It's been a while since I've done a Lush review but the last bath bomb I used was to good to not share it, I picked up Yellow Submarine a while ago it is still available for £3.95 however it may be gone soon as it's been up for a while!

One of the vegan bath bombs this one is shaped in a lovely submarine shape with windows an all, it's very realistic which I love with a strong citrus smell which is very overpowering with a punch but with this being my favorite scent I love it. It's a lovely girly yellow and pink design which blends into a lovely coral tone in the bath and has very little mess after!

When placed into the bath it begins to fizz right away and sort of fizzes in a little ball floating around before slowly dissolving, it's a very fun and playful bath bomb to use and would suit kids who love to watch the bath bomb float and dissolve. I found it very relaxing and the scent is perfect for me and once fully dissolved in the bath the scent stays strong.

I love this bath bomb and will be picking some more up next time I'm in Lush, what's your latest Lush product that you love?

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