Lush | Metamorphosis Bath Bomb

After seeing so many reviews online for the Metamorphosis bath bomb I decided to try it for myself and was not let down. It's a fun and quirky bath bomb that is surprising yet a great purchase, with it's unique design it's one that you can't really miss on the shelves and it doesn't let you down for just £4.50 it won't break the bank either.

It has a scent of musk and cinnamon making it quite a manly bath bomb, I would happily give this as a gift to a male friend which is sometimes hard to do in Lush. It scent also reminded me of Christmas so it's much more of a winter bath bomb but it's perfect for relaxing and making you think of woolly jumpers and hot cocoa.

Once placed in the bath it starts to fizz straight away filling the water with a glittery black wave of goodness, after a few minutes swirls off colour start to leak out off the bath bomb turning the water into a khaki yellow toned look rather then the black you think you're going to get. It's a nice surprise and makes the bath bomb that little bit more exciting.

What bath bomb has surprised you recently from Lush?

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