Lush | Just To Clarify Jelly Face Mask

Lush has some of the best face masks going around, for all types of skin and being cruelty free they cater for everyone. I'm always jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to new releases and was overjoyed to see they have the new Jelly Face Masks in store, I went with the Just To Clarify mask but had three to choose from at just £6.95 I got around 6 uses out of the pot but depending on how much you like to put on your skin you can get more uses.

Using the mask is super easy just pinch a bit off and work in between fingers to create a paste before applying to dry skin, it's a nice easy method and warming the mask before applying makes it rather calming as I dislike cold masks this was ideal for me to do. I left it on for 10 minutes and washing it off was again easy with no mess as you just use a warm washcloth and some warm water, it doesn't stain the skin as I was worried it would and left my skin feeling fresh and tighten which I love.

The scent is very fresh and fruity with papaya and orange juice enriched with bamboo and lemon/grapefruit oil it's an all round fruity little mask to wake up your skin and get you feeling perky.  I noticed my skin looked more youthful around using the mask and everything seemed tighter with a bit more of a bounce, it works right away and I love how it really brings my mood up.

I love using the Jelly Face Masks and will be testing out the rest of the range pretty soon, have you tried them out yet? Which mask do you prefer?

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