Lush Halloween Range Goodies!

I'm very late on the bandwagon for the Lush Halloween range, so much so that I only managed to pick up three items one of which I've had before and the other two not in the best condition. However I did pick up a new product and also wanted to share my first impressions with you, so here's what I bought.

First up I picked up the Lord Of Misrule bath bomb at £3.95 I got this product last year and loved it so was super happy to see it was back for Halloween 2017, I first featured this bath bomb in my 2013 post which you can read here and it's been a firm favorite for me every Halloween. This bath bomb looks pretty normal with it's green almost flower looking effect however it's got a lovely spring like scent which makes it an odd one for a Halloween product however it has a great little twist once placed into the bath!

I then picked up Bewitched bubble bar for £4.25 this is a new one that I've not seen before however it's such a cute little cat face I couldn't leave it, there is suppose to be glowing yellow eyes but mine was the last one so it's just a little smudged. It smells strong and has an earthy scent to it which is perfect for a cool autumn night, it's also a large bubble bar meaning you can get two baths out of it which is pretty good for the price you pay.

Up next is Ectoplasm jelly bomb which is £4,95 this is the most expensive however I've used a jelly bomb before and it works really well so it's worth the price. It smells super sweet and almost candy like which I really like, it also looks pretty impressive with the large spots like the normal jelly bombs and knowing how they work I'm guessing it's going to be a pretty impressive bath bomb!

The only product I got that was not from the Halloween range, well I think!, is Sherbet Dip bath bomb which looks and smells like a sherbet dip. It's the perfect bath bomb to get you thinking of your childhood and eating sherbet dips and it's also really big so it's going to pack a punch when it goes in the bath. For just £3.75 it's a great price to pay for such a large and impressive looking bath bomb, I think I'm most excited to try this one out.

Have you been to Lush recently? What did you pick up?

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