Beauty | Superdrug Crystal Deodorant Review

Going cruelty free I knew I was going to struggle to find certain products however a deodorant was not one I thought I would struggle with, cue spending around a month to find the right one! Luckily Superdrug came to the rescue with there Crystal Deodorant, this is a very simply deodorant which is just 99p!

The nice basic white and purple design is very simply and basic however it gets to the point and is easy to use, the generous 50ml roll on design is great for on the go and using everyday. It has a groove in so it's easy to hold and roll onto the skin, with a simply twist top it's hard to not like the deodorant.

The scent is citrus, lily and amber making it a sensitive deodorant it's fresh and has a floral scent this is uplifting and doesn't harm my sensitive skin which I really like. It works well as it has a 48 hr protection so using it and wearing overnight it ideal, I found I don't get sweaty armpits and it keeps me fresh all day which is a really great thing for any deodorant!

I can't fault it and will happily buy it again, what deodorant do you love using?

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