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I was more then excited to see the new Primark Glow face mask in my local store, after hearing about the mask I thought it's bound to not be available in my local store but a massive shock to me as there is was sitting all pretty on the shelf. Of course I got home and took my make up off to try out the mask straight away, here are my honest opinions and my review!

For just £3 this is the exact price I would want to pay for a 50ml pot of face mask, the glass pot with silver plastic twist lid is a little bit more fancy than you would expect a Primark product to be however with the product being a dupe to the Glamglow face mask I would hope they would take a little bit more pride in the packaging. So the cute grey and pink design with little star really add to the duped look, this is spot on for what I was expecting.

The scent is rather nice and hard to explain is fresh and floral with hints of bathroom cleaner (which oddly smells right) this is a scent I can't quite get right however it smells really nice. The texture is rather runny so getting it on the face was a task however I found applying it with a brush works well, once smoothed onto the face it seemed to soak in a little and then set nicely one my face.

You need to apply the mask onto a clean wet face and then let it sit for around 10 minutes, I have naturally sensitive skin so am quite weary of new face masks this one seemed to sting a little which really concerned me then I remember how the Glamglow mask burnt my skin like mad but was fine so I let it sit for the full 10 minutes. After I washed it off I thought I would look in the mirror and see an irritated red face looking back however my skin looked bright and hydrated which surprised me a lot.

I found this mask really worked well on my skin to remove any dead bits and to really brighten up my face, it smells nice and is such an affordable price that I really can't fault it. I would say it takes some getting use to with how runny it is and the slight sting however once you have it perfected it will come naturally.

Have you tried the face mask yet? did you love or hate it?

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