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There is nothing more classic than a manicure, on days when I need get my sh*t together I always reach for my manicure set to get me started. I use some simple and basic tools to help me out and never go to a salon to get them done as it's so easy and simple to do at home.

To start I make sure my nails are trimmed and filed as you will need to work on a blank canvas so remove any polish and get the nails looking bare. I tend to do a manicure on my nails when there a little longer as you really need a longer nail to show off this style however it's not a must as you can create a tip with white nail polish.

Next up I use my Kiko Milano white tip guides as these are perfect for creating a manicure, just place on the nail just below where you need to paint the white tip. I then use my Barry M white nail polish to create and paint my tips, leave them to dry for at least 10 minutes before removing the nail stickers.

Once my tips are in tip top shape I use my Kiko Milano french manicure paint to paint the rest of my nail including painting over the white tips, this give the nail a natural shine and also creates the perfect top coat to the manicure. It gives a your nails but better effect that looks perfect for any manicure!

I love how a classic manicure looks and this is my go to nail look atm, what's yours?

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