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When it comes to new lip products I'm always one to buy the latest products to test them out, so I was super shocked the see I had missed the release of a new lip kit from one of my favorite brands. I was happy to see my local Superdrug was fully stocked of all shades so I opted for the lovely red toned Regal for £6, the lip kit contains a lipstick and a lip liner as well.

Regal is a lovely orange toned red that looks very much like a winter and summer design, so it's defiantly an all round great lip shade to go for if you need something all year round. You get a liquid lipstick which is a matte effect which you can never go wrong with, as well as a lip liner to make sure you don't smudge or go over your lips. You can also line the lips to make them look bigger which is a great technique for anyone with small lips, or if you fancy larger more juicy lips.

I found the product very easy to use and they blended into each other to create the perfect look, they match nicely and work well to create a nice lip look. The matte effect works well and doesn't dry the lips out, I use a lip balm before applying any matte lipstick and this glided over well. The lip liner goes on well and is easy to correct if needed, I also found the lip liner was easy to control and draw onto the lips.

When it comes to long lasting this lip product is spot on as it lasted most of the day and even stayed put when I was eating. I found the product easy to remove as well with an exfoliating face wipe it didn't stain my lips and also my lips felt soft after using the matte lipstick. I can't fault the lip kit and would happily buy another one.

Have you tried the lip kits yet? Did you love or hate it?

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