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I love a good bargain and when Botanics decided to change there packaging on there All Bright range it meant the old products went into the Boots Sale and for just 90p I was able to pick up there cleansing wipes, As I'm a simple girl and don't mind using a wipe I went ahead and picked up the product. This is a great way for anyone to test out a range before making the commitment to spend a lot of money on a product that doesn't work well.

Botanics are a natural brand that have cruelty free products that are people tested, there are a nice mid range brand that sell skincare products for all skin types. I found them at Boots and prices start from £2.25 and end at £12, there a brand I normally dismiss as it's out of my price range however using the products over the last few weeks has defiantly changed my mind.

The wipes come in a handy 25 pack which is a very plain white and pink packaging this is very minimal and can easily be look over on the shelf however with the burst of cute flower on the front it draws the eye in. I have found the wipes to be larger than normal and using it to remove my make up has been very easy to do, they are sensitive however I don't use them to remove my eye makeup.

The scent is fresh and smells nice with a slight hint of hibiscus, the wipe is cooling and leaves the skin feeling hydrated. I found one wipe removes all my make up and also leaves the skin with a nice fresh glow, there also biodegradable so there is no need to worry about it going in the bin. I have noticed my skin looks fresher and more hydrated and have also noticed my makeup easier to apply as it seems to restore my oil balance off my skin.

I have loved using the wipes and will be picking them up in the new packaging at £3.49, what wipes do you love to use?

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