Skincare - Less Is More

Getting the right skincare routine can be very stressful as switching between products can make your skin worse , then there's the cost of trying out all new skin care items so it's always good when you get a bargain and find a new skincare item that works well. I'm the type of girl that needs a quick and easy routine that can be done in a few minutes and be over with rather then someone who will spend half an hour adding cream after cream only to have bad skin.

So I only use one daily product, yes one single on it's own product that I use twice daily and nothing more. You may be thinking oh dear god it's face wipes or screaming please tell me it's moisturisers!! but no I use twice daily a cleaner and that's it nothing more nothing less. Okay so three times a week I use face masks as this is something fun to do but it also adds in moisture into my face and also clears any breakouts but daily just cleanser.

Clear skin with no make up!

My skin has never looked and felt better before and I'm so thankful that I decided to chuck everything out my skincare routine and I stuck to something that was simple and easy to do. I only have the odd breakout here and there,my make up applies easily over the top and I have no dry areas or uneven skin tone, but most importantly I can go make up free without having to worry as my skin just looks great.

So if you are thinking of switching up your skincare routine or fancy a change try using my method of less is more and see how you feel after a few weeks! What are your thoughts on only using a cleanser?

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  1. I definitely agree that less is more! Although I posted about my lengthy skincare routine last month on my blog (the blog post mentioned:, I've been trying to use one product for my skincare routine for the last few weeks. There's definitely been a huge difference with my skin.