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New year new me, we have all been there. I'm sat writing this M&M's in one hand and the thought of going to the gym in my head, it's now the start of winter and I've lost weight but I'm certainly not on track.  This year I did a new thing though one that worried me a lot but was a must, I joined a gym. From the worries and woes in my mind I nervously made my way to the gym with images of toned and flexible gym bunnies playing on my mind, however I made it there and even got through the induction.

Signing the consent forms to join was the easy part, even going to the gym for the first workout was pretty good but sticking to it was the hard part. I wrote in my diary each day attend gym from 10-2 or go after work at 6pm and do an evening workout, not realising that after work the only thing I wanted was a plate of dinner and to watch a boxset. So after the first month of trial and errors and hit and miss workouts I had some sort of plan, one that was realistic and had a good flow.

I made mistakes along the way don't get me wrong! From the time I forgot to reset the weights on one of the toning machines and almost twisting my back, then there was the time I opted to swim lanes instead and got through the first 8 laps before heaving myself out the pool thinking I was going to have a heart attack, and then of course the dreading first run on the running machine who knew I could make the sounds of a deflating balloon!

Then of course the highs of going to the gym, discovering if I go at midday it's rather quiet and I can use all the machines without being eyeballed, hitting my first 10 pound milestone and having a celebratory slice of cake, discovering good gym clothes in my local Primark and actually looking good in them, the highs are what make gym life bearable however it's always good to mix in a low for the sake of being able to laugh about it later in the day!

The important thing to remember about starting a new thing is it may seem daunting and you may have a lot more lows than highs but at least you can say you have tried, losing weight is something to do in the long term there is no quick fix but it does help to not eat M&M's when trying to be creative, oh and there's a lot less gym bunnies at the gym than you would think.

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