Lifestyle - Going Cruelty Free

I made the decision this year to go cruelty free with my beauty products as a challenge to myself and also to better the world. I would normally buy products cause they worked well or I liked the scent and I also had a false knowledge that cruelty free brands were to expensive so I wouldn't be able to afford there products. Such as Lush and The Body Shop amazing brands that sell some fantastic products both cruelty free however £5+ for body wash and a shower gel for me is to much and to expensive so I had this false idea in my head I couldn't afford the products.

I then did a lot of research and learnt there are plenty more brands that don't test on animals that are super affordable and smell great to, such as Superdrug own brand do some amazing products that I love to use and actually work better than some bigger cruel brands. I love to use there Deodorant that works amazingly and also only costs £1, however I have noticed there shampoo is to strong for my sensitive skin so I now use The Body Shop Banana shampoo which smells incredible, I'm able to afford this one luxury by shopping for less on all my other items.

It can be tough at first as I had to replace all the items in my makeup case and I won't get it right first try as I am still using the same cruel foundation as I'm yet to find one that suits my skin type. It can also be surprising as finding out certain brands still test on animals is shocking however seeing the list of brands that don't is always rewarding. I do still slip up here and there such as medication and my toothpaste as I can't find a sensitive one however it's very rewarding knowing I have made changes as well.

Some tips I would give is to do it slowly and replace products as you go as this will get expensive, don't be alarmed if you can't replace all items new ones are being created each day so you may of not found that replacement just yet, not everyone will won't to go cruelty free so I don't expect my mum to change all the washing powder just to suit me. Most importantly though don't force the fact your cruelty free on ANYONE I tell most people who ask me why I still eat meat to F off if they keep pushing me but it's also everyone's choice to be or not be cruelty free.

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