Lifestyle - Autumn, I've Missed You

Walking to work in the mornings now involves wearing a jumper or a snugly scarf, kicking the leaves as they have fallen from the trees and getting the smell of fresh rain, I've missed being able to throw on a cute jumper and walk down town with a hot chocolate in one hand. Wearing my latest boots in order to break them in and testing out a new berry lip colour even though it's only the first few weeks of September, I've missed this.

I've missed being able to close my bedroom window and not have bugs flying around my room, also missing the sound of the latest thunder storm as my windows take a battering from the howling wind. Waking up at three in the morning to the sound of rain on my windows which has slowly put me back into a deep slumber, with my fleece blanket over my summer duvet to keep me warm in the cold nights and my fluffy socks to keep my toes warm, I've missed this.

Sitting on my bed to watch a latest horror film with a hot chocolate and a terry's chocolate orange is one of my go to winter routines, there's nothing better then lighting a candle and turning off the lights grabbing a fleece blanket and scaring myself to death with a killer doll running at my screen. Listening to music whilst curled up in bed with soft snugly fresh pj's on, getting a little to cold so it's must to grab the duvet and get warm, I've missed this.

But most of all I've missed Autumn, the smell of bonfires, the scent of pumpkins and the tastes of berries. Autumn is a season that never gets old or boring and it's a season I crave all year, it's not to cold like winter and it's not to hot like summer it's just in the middle which is something I love. I'm glad to see you're back Autumn cause I've missed you.

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