Fashion - Brown Flared Capri's

I'm always looking at ways to introduce more fashion into my wardrobe so whilst I was shopping I spotted some lovely trousers that I fell in love with, normally I would keep walking as I never like to buy things that are not in my normal comfort zone however I picked them up with the intention of just trying on.

From New Look at just £19.99 these trousers are the perfect pair to dress up or dress down an outfit, you can wear them with a shirt and really make an outfit stand out at work or like me you can team them with a basic jumper for a 70's vibe. I also like to wear them with a plain black t-shirt for a more summery look white looks great to.

I wore them out with a green jumper as I wanted to go with the 70's look, this was based on the fact I was already pushing myself so go big or go home. I loved how they looked and I even got a compliment from an elderly bloke which made me smile, my mum even asked me where there from which gave me a massive confidence boost in them.

I love how they feel on and how comfy they are but also how effortless they look with any outfit, there's no pressure to wear them really stylishly or to really go big with them which I love but also how they suit my curvy appearance yet I've seen them on smaller girls and they look great.

How would you dress them up?

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