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Following on from my previous posts which went down well I'm going to be going through the Gadgets option on Blogger. This is something I use and many other bloggers who when it comes to adding handy little gadgets to your blog need to use.

So first up Gadgets are locating in the layout section off Blogger, depending on your theme you will see an add gadget button on your layout. When you click the button a pop out appears and this contains all your available gadgets for your blog.

You will be taken to the basic gadgets which are the most used and the ones provided for you by Blogger. There are 28 in total and I'm going to go through them for you so you get a feel of what they are and how to use them:

  • Adsense - if you have adsense already clicking this will allow you to add it to your blog so you can start earning from the posts you put on your site. It's best to get a good following before clicking and trying to connect otherwise you will be rejected. 
  • Featured Post - allows you to highlight and feature a post from your blog
  • Blog Search - Allows visitors to search for a post on your blog, very ideal to have as people just type in a word or brand and it comes up with all your posts on that subject
  • HTML/JavaScript - My most used gadget, if you have a third party HTML code that you need to add to your blog such as a custom photo or link then any HTML code will need to go onto the blog using this button 
  • Profile - Displays a little profile about you on your blog, handy if you don't have a custom blog about me 
  • Blog Archive - this is where all your posts will be displayed a must for any blog as this helps people look through your posts and see what you have created

  • Page Header - if you don't have a custom HTML one that this is one provided by Blogger, it displays your blog name in a header form
  • Followers- will display how many GFC followed you have on your blog
  • Image - This will put up an image on your blog, also allowing you to add a link so if the image is clicked it will go to the link you have provided, great for second blogs.
  • Labels - you can show all your labels you have used or you can select which ones to show, the labels will be from your blog post page so labeling a post with Travel, Beauty or Fashion then clicking this gadget will display this label making it easy for people to find your posts
  • Pages- Will list pages that you want to highlight on your blog such as About Me, Find Me, you can place this under your header or as a side gadget
  • Link List- lets you link to your favorite websites, you can custom it to be a follow list as well linking your favorite bloggers 

  • Text - Adds a little message to your blog 
  • Popular Posts - Adds all your most viewed posts to your blog highlighting them as your most popular for people to view
  • Blog Stats- Show how many views and visitors you get in a stats form
  • Blog List - much like a link list but one for showing off your favorite bloggers you follow
  • Follow By Email - A button that allows people to type in there email and each time you post they get it sent to there email address

  • Feed - this adds in a RSS feed to your blog, I'm yet to use this gadget and think most people ignore it
  • Logo - adds the blogger button to your blog letting people know you use Blogger to upload to your site
  • Poll - lets you ask people questions in a poll form, great to ask people what they want to see next on your blog
  • Subscription links - lets you allow readers to follow your blog via other subscriptions way such as your own email link 
  • +1 Button - shares your post onto the readers Google+ account feed
  • Translate - will allow google Translate to translate your posts to another language 

  • Lists - this will let you list your favorite things such as brands, make up and fashion pieces
  • Google+ Followers - lets you show of how many Google+ people follow your account
  • Google+ badge - let people click a link that will take them to your Google+ account so they can follow you
  • Attribution - Let's people know your theme and that Blogger provided it, normally in small letters at the bottom of your blog
  • Report Abuse - this will allow a reader or yourself to report abuse from the blog this goes straight to Google

You will also see a button that says More Gadgets this will be Gadgets provided my third party company's, you can scroll through and add some but it's best to go through Blogger and Google as you know who to contact if anything goes wrong.

Lastly you will have the create your own you will need the unique HTML code for your gadget and this will go into the more gadgets page.

Hopefully this has explained and helped out anyone confused over the gadget button in Blogger or explained how to get a certain gadget on there blog. Let me know if it has helped you out!

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