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Getting my brows to look good comes naturally to me as I've been dealing with difficult browse since my teens, as my hair was white blonde as a baby and growing up my eyebrows are naturally very light. My hair darken over the years and I thought maybe my brows would follow suit however they stayed the same light looking brows meaning I have to fill them in every day otherwise I look a little silly.

To start with I make sure my brows are shaped to perfection by plucking them into shape, I tend to draw my brows on to the shape I want with my eyebrow pencil then pluck any hair that isn't in the shape I want. If I need to I will also trim my brows if I have any thickness that sticks up as this looks messy, I always pluck after steaming my face as this makes it easy to pluck the hairs and I always use a cream after to make sure my eyes are ok and my brows don't get a rash.

Once there shaped to perfection I then draw my brows on to the right shape with my pencil before using it to fill my brows in. To do this I use strokes to create the perfect full thick brow that looks natural on the face. The pencil I use is from Eylure as this one has a highlighter attached so I can use it to highlight the tips of my brows to get people to really look at my brows and draw peoples attention to them.

Once there filled in there good to go and I can wear them with pride! What are your tops tips to creating the perfect brow?

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