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When it comes to a TV show I have a very different range of shows that I enjoy as I like watching a whole range of things it can get pretty hard finding new ones as I never know what to watch next. I'm forever watching shows at the same time and will be half way through one boxset before deciding I want to watch another one! But here are my favorite TV shows I'm loving right now:

Bates Motel
With Psycho being one of my favorite films it was only natural for me to go ahead and pick out the TV show, I was a little worried I wouldn't enjoy it as I like the film a lot but it is different enough to match the film but still have it's own twists and turns that make you want to keep watching. It is packed full of drama and love that it makes you want to just keep watching and watching till you feel you're living with the Bates.

The Walking Dead
It's a little odd for me to like The Walking Dead due to the fact I have a fear of zombies and watching a TV show based on zombies is a not something I should be doing, however as the TV show is packed full of actual story lines and not just murdering zombies I can watch the show without being so freaked out I need to leave the room. It follows people well and keeps you hooked throughout the series while throwing in dramas and making you want to throw the remote out the window.

American Horror Story
I'm a massive fan of the AHS series which is different each series keeping it fresh, this makes it an easy watch as you don't feel like it's repeating itself each series. I love how dark and twisted the series is and how they keep you wanting to see more but still having twists throughout, I still haven't found a season I dislike but I have my favorite which is the first series!

Pretty Little Liars 
I'm not gonna lie that I am super sad the series has ended and don't worry there will be no spoilers! I love how the TV show followed all the girls and showed there lives with all the suspense and drama that followed, its a great series for anyone that wants love, death, drama and heartbreak all in one show. It's a series I can rewatch as there is always something I've missed this makes it one of my favorite boxsets to watch.

Those are my top TV Shows to watch and I've always got one on the TV, What show do you love to watch?

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