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I'm not one to big up or even write a post on a candle however after finding the perfect candle that literally made me go 'how cute!' out loud in the shop I wasn't going to not write up a post!

The design is a simple black holder which has an impressive and beautiful elephant handle that is elegant and chic all at the same time. This is the type of candle you can have on display and people will admire whilst still looking effortless, it's simple yet striking design really makes people want to touch it and handle the candle before lighting.

The smell is a very modern and musky scent that would suit a male more than a female however if you don't mind strong scents that this should be an ok candle for you. Once burnt you can use the holder again perhaps as a mug or to have on display.

Now to the good part it's available to buy from Primark for just £4.50!

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