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When it comes to tattoo's I only have a handful which are meaningful when the rest are for vanity purposes, one of my most meaningful tattoo's is my latest and most popular my Deer. I wanted a design that was unique and still look pretty so searching online for ideas I came across the perfect design for me.

The Deer represents a moment in my life when I was younger, going on walking holidays with my mum took up a good 4 years of my life and I still love looking through photos and seeing how happy I was. On one trip away we were walking through dense woodland and as I had a habit of walking away from my mum I was further ahead of her, I was walking along and looked up to see a Deer standing around 6 feet in front of me.

Seeing the Deer I froze matching the same shocked and curious pose as the Deer and in that moment I could feel how striking and powerful the animals are. I could easily see how the Deer could have charged at me and how it could of crushed me but instead it just checked me out. Luckily my mum arrived behind me which startled the Deer into running away.

Seeing how powerful and how embracing a Deer can be I later in my life decided I wanted to get a meaningful and powerful tattoo to represent and express that moment in my life. I picked a watercolour background to show the Deer as this expresses my emotions on the day and how I was feeling scared, amazed, happy and shocked.

Do you have any tattoo's that have a powerful meaning behind them?

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