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When it comes to dieting with all have that one dish that you just can't give up, for me it's chips. I love eating chips from the Chip Shop or for lunch however they are far to high in calories and trying to eat healthy is a no go zone when ordering chips everyday for lunch. So today I have a healthy and great way to eat chips at just 220 calories and no not a sweet potato in sight!

  • Get yourself a medium potato and clean off any dirt, then you want to cut the potato in half.
  • Slice the potato and create chips with the skin still on as this is where all the goodness is.
  • Using a tablespoon amount of extra virgin olive oil coat each chip both sides with oil before laying them out onto the grill
  • Grill them each side for 10 minutes on medium heat until brown
  • Add some salt and pepper and you're done!

This is how simply it is to create your own chips that are just 220 calories! What is your go to naughty meal?

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