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Primark beauty has done it again and came out with another product I seem to love, overall with the beauty range at Primark I'm yet to come across a product I don't like which has impressed me a lot as the products are at such affordable prices and look great as well. This time around I picked up the Setting Spray for £2 and have been using it for a good three weeks now so it's defiantly time for a review.

The spray comes in a handy 75ml compressed can which is a lovely black and gold theme that looks great if you need to reapply in pubic. It is a compressed can so when spraying the product instead of the normal liquid spritz it comes out more like hairspray which can take time to get use to however I found this way a lot more effective then a spritzer.

The spray goes on nicely and takes around a minute to set and dry it doesn't make my make up go patchy or streaky and it also goes nicely over eye make up which I struggled with in the past. Once settled on the face I felt the need to not re apply during the day as my face stayed fresh and my make up didn't need touching up.

I have really enjoy using the product over the last three weeks the can is almost out so I will need to repurchase soon but for £2 it won't break the bank! What setting spray can you not live without?

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