Fitness | Homemade Healthy Chips

When it comes to dieting with all have that one dish that you just can't give up, for me it's chips. I love eating chips from the Chip Shop or for lunch however they are far to high in calories and trying to eat healthy is a no go zone when ordering chips everyday for lunch. So today I have a healthy and great way to eat chips at just 220 calories and no not a sweet potato in sight!

Blog Help | How To Use Blogspot/ Write Your First Post

Starting a blog can be a daunting experience so I wanted to share with you some tips of writing a first blog post. This will be for people using Blogspot as that is the platform I use to write my posts, however if you are using Wordpress there are a lot of posts out there to help you. So let's get started!

Lifestyle | TV Shows I'm Loving

When it comes to a TV show I have a very different range of shows that I enjoy as I like watching a whole range of things it can get pretty hard finding new ones as I never know what to watch next. I'm forever watching shows at the same time and will be half way through one boxset before deciding I want to watch another one! But here are my favorite TV shows I'm loving right now:

Lifestyle | Brands That Shocked Me For Being NOT Cruelty Free

On Friday I did a post on my favorite brands that are cruelty free which you can view here and today I wanted to write up a similar post on brands that I thought would be cruelty free but there not. It shocked me to see such big and well known brands not being cruelty free and hopefully they will changed and take the plunge to not harm animals.

Lifestyle | Cruelty Free Brands I Use

It's always good to make some right choices in life and I feel one of them is to go cruelty free for makeup and beauty items I use in my everyday life, I wanted to share with you my most used brands and which ones I love to buy from. This list may seem short as I'm only listing the brands I know and love and not all the brands, this is because I don't want to share any information that may not be right.

Fashion | Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

When you think of a crop top you wouldn't normally picture a plus size girl wearing one and you may also give a dirty look to someone wearing one in public, however when I saw one in New Look and it was in the middle of a heatwave I wasn't going to pass at the chance of stepping out of my comfort zone and wearing a crop top.

Lifestyle | Deer Tattoo Meaning

When it comes to tattoo's I only have a handful which are meaningful when the rest are for vanity purposes, one of my most meaningful tattoo's is my latest and most popular my Deer. I wanted a design that was unique and still look pretty so searching online for ideas I came across the perfect design for me.

Fashion | SS17 Sandals

When it comes to Summer I tend to be seen in sandals pretty much 24/7 as I can't stand the heat and will do anything to keep cool so here are my top picks for SS17 sandals!

Accessorize Flip Flops
I was gifted this set of flip flops but must say how much I adore them, the colours and design really make them stand out and there a must for making an outfit stand out and really draw in attention. I have to say in all my years of buying flip flops I have never came across ones as comfy as the ones I buy in Accessorize, they have amazing choices that are all worth the price tag.

Beauty | Primark Setting Spray

Primark beauty has done it again and came out with another product I seem to love, overall with the beauty range at Primark I'm yet to come across a product I don't like which has impressed me a lot as the products are at such affordable prices and look great as well. This time around I picked up the Setting Spray for £2 and have been using it for a good three weeks now so it's defiantly time for a review.

Lifestyle | Elephant Candle

I'm not one to big up or even write a post on a candle however after finding the perfect candle that literally made me go 'how cute!' out loud in the shop I wasn't going to not write up a post!