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Whilst I was in LA I came across a Vaseline product I'm yet to see in the UK, I have come across the metal tin rosy lips however never a little mini tub which is super cute but also extremely handy when it comes to travelling, so I picked one up for around $1.50 and have loved using it so far!

The little tub is the same as the large ones you can get however it's only in a small 7g size so it's super cute and small, it's ideal for travelling and popping in your handbag due to it's size and the fact the lid is very strong so it won't open. The lid is the classic snap on lid and the packaging is very much a match to the normal large sized tubs.

I found the colour of this product is very subtle and doesn't go on to dark whilst not staining the lips or leaving to much or a rose tone to them, it goes on nicely and has a very soothing effect. It's ideal to use as a multi product to so similar to normal Vaseline but more of a make up product, such as using it as a blush to add a some amount of colour to the cheeks this is great for anyone on a long haul flight and needs to make themselves look presentable for landing.

I adore this product and can't fault it but what is your favorite shade from the Vaseline range?

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