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I love a good scrub and for just £12.50 from MAC I think I have found my all time favorite one, this review is for the Candid Nectarine lip Scrub however I would advise you go smell the product as that alone should make you reach for one and buy it!

The scent is amazing as it smells like fresh nectarine and has a really sweet smell that you will want to keep sniffing, I found myself walking around the store with it smelling it as I went as it's just so good. The texture is pretty much as you would find a scrub it's sugar and water mixed so it's a rough type of texture that may feel odd at first however the lips feel super nourish after so it's worth scrubbing onto them.

The packaging is a little different for MAC it comes in a white textured box then on the inside is a small 14g pot which has a matte feel to it, this has a black lid and a peached tone pot. All the pots matched the different scents that you can get, they look super cute and if I could afford the full collection I would have them all out on display!

Using the product is really fun and easy to do just take a small piece out and place it onto the lips scrubbing them using your finger finally use your lips to scrub the rest in before placing a lip oil or lip balm on top. Your lips may feel tingly after but this is normal and hopefully they should feel nourished and soft!

Have you tried out the lip scrubtious yet?

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