Fashion | Double Denim

When it comes to fashion I would class myself as not fashionable at all but this year I wanted to branch out and try new things, so I pushed myself to try to dreaded double denim! This trend is very hit and miss, you either get it right and look amazing or get it wrong and look a fool.

I teamed my light blue jeans with a nice pop or colour from my pink vest top then I added a very slightly darker light blue denim shirt dress which I tied up to create a top. This was super easy to do and all very basic.

I left a small amount of vest showing so that the denim didn't touch each other and look to much, I feel this really helped when creating this look. I also left the shirt quite open so you could see a little bit more of the pink vest top, this just made me look a little bit more fashionable.

I think I pulled this look of quite well and hopefully looked fab and don't fool, have you tried double denim before?

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